Aquila Schools Successful in Be Bright, Be Seen Campaign

Posted on: 16/11/2023

Be bright, be seen

KCC and KMFM recently ran their 'Be Bright, Be Seen' campaign for 2023, giving away 25,000 reflective keyrings to Kent schools.

We are delighted that 5 of our schools were successful in being randomly chosen to receive some of the reflective keyrings, keeping pupils safer now the days are darker!

Well done to: All Souls' Primary School, Archbishops Courtenay School, Kingsnorth Primary School, Reculver Primary School and St Mary of Charity Primary School. We are sure the pupils will be excited to receive their keyrings.

For those schools who weren't successful, here are some ways you can help your pupils be seen during the winter months:

On dull days:

Children should wear bright or fluorescent clothing.

High visibility vests/jackets can be bought from a lot of retailers, to be worn over clothing.

Use bags/backpacks that are brightly coloured or with high-vis strips.

At night:

Reflective clothing reflects light from headlights - making children more visible to drivers and cyclists.

Reflective armbands, clothes and accessories should be placed on clothing and bags, or over it.

Remember that fluorescent/bright clothing doesn't show up in the dark.

We hope everyone stays safe this winter!

Written by Jess