Aquila Governor Training

Aquila offers all Governors and Trustees access to The Key for School Governors online resource library and online training on over 50 topics via the National Governors Association Learning Link and Judicium.

In addition to the above, more focused training and discussion forums are also available to support governors in their role. 

Aquila training offered:

  • What Does Challenge & Impact Look Like?
  • Effective Curriculum Monitoring
  • Aquila Budget Setting 
  • Spirituality and the Centrality of Visions and Values
  • Governance Induction
  • Effective Strategic Oversight of Health & Safety in Schools
  • Exclusions
  • Parental Complaint Panel Hearing Training


What Governors said about our Training:


"I found the training very useful, and it will make a difference" -  

    - Les, Foundation Governor at Brenzett CEP, attended Challenge & Impact training Feb 2024


"I have benefitted from and enjoyed all the governor training so far, thank you. I believe it adds value to my role." 

    - Bernie, Appointed Governor at Charlton CEP, attended School Exclusions, and Budget Monitoring training.


"It was a good session and I felt I had a good overview of what was an unknown process to me." 

    - Rev. Stephen, Ex-Officio Governor at All Souls' CEP, attended School Exclusions training March 2024


Please book via the training booking form below:

What Does Challenge & Impact Look Like?

Presented by David Stanley

This training will be looking at the value of challenge and impact, as well as the effect of poor challenge. Including lack of challenge from governance, challenge and impact in the minutes and the language of impact.


4th June, 6-8pm via Teams

Please register using the form below.

Free to Aquila Schools;  Non-Aquila Schools - £20

New Governor Induction

All new Aquila Governors are warmly invited to join our induction training session, where we will:

  • Explain the role and responsibilities of governors, including anticipated time commitments
  • Explain the partnership between the Headteacher, school, governing body and Aquila Trust
  • Explain the legal framework within which the Academy and Trust operates
  • Give guidance on how to be an effective critical friend supporting the delivery of the vision and values of the school
  • Signpost to useful resources

Presented by Lorraine Bondzie-Mensah & Julie Lowe and available exclusively to Schools within the Aquila Trust

2024 Dates:

Tuesday 18th June - 6pm-8pm - via Teams





Spirituality and the Centrality of Visions and Values

Presented by Liz Pettersen

Covering spirituality and the centrality of visions and values, along with an overview of SIAMS.

Date: Wednesday 13th March, 6pm - 8pm, via Teams.

Free to Schools within the Aquila Trust; Non-Aquila Schools - £20

Please book your space using the form below.

Effective Curriculum Monitoring

The aim of this training is for governors to be clear on their role in monitoring the strategic direction and vision of the school, and to give them some practical support in the sort of questions that they should be asking school leaders, in order to support schools but also challenge them to hold them to account.

We will look at the role of this linked to OFSTED and (for church schools) SIAMs and also give governors a chance to share best practice, and ask questions of Jenny about preparing for OFSTED, as  she is also an OFSTED inspector. 

Presented by Jenny Ashley-Jones

Date: 5th March 2024, 6pm-8pm via Teams

Free to Schools within the Aquila Trust, Non-Aquila Schools - £20

Budget Setting

Presented by Marian Scally - CFO, Aquila Trust

As we are about to start the budget setting process for 2024/25, and 5 year forecast, we would like to offer this training to governors to provide a better understanding of the budget-setting process, and particular areas you may wish to consider when setting a balanced budget. 

Date: Thursday 28th March 2024, 6pm-8pm - via Teams

Please register using the form below.

Free to Aquila Schools; Non-Aquila Schools - £20

Effective Strategic Oversight of Health &Safety Management in Schools

This training will look at three key areas:


1 – Understanding legal responsibilities

                              Including: H&S Legislation, Internal Policies

2 – Identifying weakness in H&S governance

                              Including: What needs oversight, Practical tips

3 – Effective H&S governance and its impact

                              Including: Risks, Reporting, Accountability

Presented by Abbie Snelling

Dates: Wednesday 19th June, 6pm-8pm via Teams; Thursday 27th June, 6pm-8pm via Teams

Free to Aquila Schools, Non-Aquila Schools £20

School Exclusion

Presented by Chris Dale

This 90 minute course will take Governors through all aspects of the exclusion process. We will consider the guidance, the law and how the process should be implemented.

Governors will understand;

  • their role and responsibility regarding exclusion from school
  • the format and function of the Governors Disciplinary Committee (GDC) meeting
  • the graduated approach to support pupils in school;
  • what information they should expect to receive as part of the exclusion process and in preparation for the GDC meeting
  • the potential outcomes of the GCD meeting
  • Finally, there will be information and advice on parental rights for next steps and Governors will be encouraged to ask questions both during and at the end of the training.


If you apply what you have learnt on this course you will be a knowledgeable, effective, confident and efficient GDC Panel member.

Tuesday 7th May, 6:30pm-8:00pm, via Teams.

Free to Aquila Schools; Non-Aquila Schools - £20

Parental Complaint Panel Hearing Training

Parent Complaint Panel Hearing Training, Presented by Lorraine Bondzie-Mensah

Wednesday 12th June, via Teams 5:30pm-7:30pm

More information to follow

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Governor Training Booking Form
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