Admission Policy Updates

Proposal for variation to the admissions arrangements for September 2023

It is a legal requirement that an Admissions Authority gives notice of any proposed variations to its admissions policy.


Temple Ewell Church of England Primary School

Temple Ewell Church of England Primary School wishes to consultation over a proposed change to  oversubscription criteria for the admissions of pupils from September 2023. 


The proposal relates to the removal of clause 4 as below


4. Practicing Christian Children, who along with their parents or guardians, regularly attend public worship in our local community scheduled and advertised within the pattern of services of the Parish Church of St Peter’s and St Paul’s Church, Temple Ewell or St Anthony’s Church, Alkham. For casual admissions outside of the main round, i.e. families moving into the area, evidence of regular attendance at public worship within the pattern of services at an Anglican church in the family’s previous home area will be required. Regular attendance is taken to mean at least once a month, for a period of at least twelve (12) months.

By removing this clause we will be able to ensure a fairer distribution of places to those within the local community and act within the founding purpose of our school.

The rest of the policy will remain unchanged.

If you would like to give your feedback on these arrangements please contact the Chair of Governors, Temple Ewell Church of England Primary School, 3-4 Brookside, Temple Ewell, Dover, Kent, CT16 3DT or email 

The deadline for any feedback on the Temple Ewell Consultation is Monday 13th December 2021.