RE and Collective Worship sessions for Schools Direct Students

Available ONLY to Aquila Trust School Direct Trainee Teachers

Session 1 - Friday 17th September 2021

9:30am - 3pm

St Nicholas CEP Academy, Fairfield Road, New Romney TN28 8BP

Teaching in a Church of England school – what to expect!

Church Distinctiveness – how are we as church schools distinctive?

Worship – prayer, reflection areas

Worship in the classroom.

How is worship different to RE?

School vision/values – why do we have them?

What is expected of me as a member of staff?

Gap task: How do you know your school is distinctively Christian? Find evidence. Take photos.

Find and read RE and collective worship policies.

Planning and leading Collective Worship

How worship is structured. What needs to be included?

How to organise a reflection area – how are they used? Why?

Sign posting to resources and ideas for worship.

Plan a generic worship session together in preparation for leading Collective worship.

Gap task: Plan and lead Collective Worship, either whole school with another teacher, or key stage or classroom by yourself.

What do we mean by spirituality?

Session 2 - Friday 22nd October 2021

9:30am - 3pm 

St Nicholas CEP Academy, Fairfield Road, New Romney TN28 8BP

What to expect in an RE lesson in a church school.

What is RE? What do we need to teach it?

What are RE specific skills?

Yearly overview – look at the different religions. Discuss subject knowledge. Where would you go to find out?

National Statement of Entitlement – the law and right for parents to remove children.

Awareness of SIAMs and inspections

Introduce Understanding Christianity – have the frieze up

Gap task: Observe an RE lesson in each key stage.

Team teach an RE lesson in your base class.

Teaching and planning Great RE lessons – Using U/C , making use of the photo packs, artefacts

Lesson structure – how to plan an RE lesson.

Practical teaching ideas

Using artefacts effectively

Sign posting to resources and websites.

Assessing children in RE – UC spreadsheet, moderated examples of work

Gap task – Plan, teach and evaluate an RE lesson.

Session 3 - Friday 12th November 2021

9:30am - 3pm

St Nicholas CEP Academy, Fairfield Road, New Romney TN28 8BP

Feedback from teaching and planning an RE lesson.

Planning a visit to a religious building

Teaching RE lessons - How did you get on?

Using religious buildings – what is involved in planning a trip to a religious building?

Visit to St Nicholas Church? How can this building be used? 

Gap task: Plan and teach a series of RE lessons – that may include a visit.