Leadership and Management Training

We offer the following sessions to our Senior Leadership Teams and all our new Head Teacher and Heads of School have a mentor to support them in their role.

School Exclusion

While we are committed to reducing exclusions, there are situations where this is unavoidable, possibly because staff and pupils are in danger. This session for is senior leaders and governors to understand their relative roles in the exclusion process. Practical help will be given to guide through the paperwork expected.

Presented by Chris Dale

Date: TBC

Time: 6pm—8pm

Venue: TBC

Analysis of ASP

A full day to go through the ASP data report and unpick every aspect from school context, attainment and progress data to what figures are statistically significant for your school. A day for the HT to work in detail with a relevant governor. At the end of the day you will have created the data analysis report for your school.

Presented by Liz Windon

Date: Friday 6th December 2019

Time: 9am—4pm

Venue: TBC

Strategic planning for SIMs Development

An opportunity to look at the materials we have in SIMs and to use Liz’s expertise to create other materials to reduce work load for teachers and school leaders.

Presented by Liz Windon

Date: TBC

Time: 9am—4pm

Venue: TBC

Headteacher Retreat

Would you welcome and benefit from the opportunity to step away from school for a short period of time, to reflect on the things that motivate and sustain you in your vocation as Head?

This one night residential retreat might be the very opportunity you need to consider and replenish your own wellbeing. We need to be replenished in order to lead and inspire others effectively.  A chance to both spend time in quiet reflection, considering what motivates and sustains us, and to enjoy the calm, supportive company of colleagues and friends.

There will be an opportunity for worship and to consider our role within the wider context.

Date: 18th & 19th November 2019

Venue:  St Katharine’s

Aquila Headteacher Briefing Meetings & Showcases

Exclusive to Heads of Aquila Academies, these sessions are an opportunity to share  practice and find joint solutions to trust wide problems

Time: 10am—2pm 

4th October 2019—St Georges CEP School

22nd November 2019—ABC

7th February 2020—SMC

20th March 2020—Charing

24th April 2020—Reculver

10th July 2020—Pine Calyx