NPQML National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders


NPQML is suitable for middle leaders with responsibility for a team including Key Stage leaders, subject leaders, and curriculum leaders.

Over the 6 sessions the main focus is individual development through practical use of tasks and tools. Each session has an underpinning of theoretical learning, including pre-session tasks and reading to support the deliberate practice within the face to face training.

All participants will be guided through a practical school improvement project which must run over four terms. The final assessment comprises this project write up linked to the DfE assessment criteria for the NPQML.

There is an expectation that participants will attend all 6 sessions

All sessions will be presented by Annie Wiles and the Ambition Institute Team

All sessions are 9:15am till 12:30pm



Cost of the programme: £749

Aquila Schools: Scholarships available

Non Aquila Schools: £600

Session 1: Your Vision and Leadership

  • Context data, what can you say about the context of your school locally and nationally
  • Understanding the role of a ML and creating a clear vision.
  • Link back to Ambition mission and values
  • Increase their self-awareness as a ML, how their actions/ attitude impact staff within schools and impact of children.


Date: Thursday 6th February 2020

Venue: All Souls’ CEP School

Session 2: Leading a team as a middle leader

  • Having impact beyond own area of expertise.
  • How to communicate a vision to wider teams
  • How to manage change consistently and communicate to your team.
  • Holding others to account
  • Having difficult conversations
  • How to run effective meetings
  • Understanding and managing others – delegating and working to others’ strengths.
  • Prioritisation; your position as a ML balanced with that of classroom teaching.


Date: Thursday 5th March 2020

Venue: Charing CEP School

Session 3: Analysing Data

  • Data session needs to be relatively early to support their project delivery?
  • Understanding Ofsted and Inspection Dashboards – what is the data telling participant about their schools.
  • How to read and compare school data – understanding school priorities beyond areas of expertise to drive whole school improvement.
  • Reflect on the purpose of data, how to strike the right balance.
  • Start to think about action plans and assessment calendars to provide evidential data and ways of holding to account/ monitoring impact.


Date: Monday 30th March 2020

Venue: Kingsnorth CEP School

Session 4: Leading on Teaching and Learning, curriculum as a middle leader

  • Working consistently with other teams.
  • Explore the impact and value of assessments to manage consistency i.e. learning walks/ book scrutinies.
  • Expand their knowledge of assessment, thinking about its role and as a ML, how to prepare their team for external validation.
  • Exploring research and best practice to deepen their thinking and practice.

Date: Thursday 7th May 2020

Venue: St Nicholas CE Academy

Session 5: Experiential based learning/ Scenario

  • Understanding how they work and communicate with others surrounding a situation.
  • Self-awareness/ evaluation.
  • They will explore and cover risk and time management theories based on their actions from the activity.
  • Emotionally maturity, how to apply learning to real life scenarios.
  • Introduce matrices to support planning and priorities to inform better practice and decisions.
  • SWOT


Date: Thursday 11th June 2020

Venue: Reculver CEP School

Session 6: Delivering on Impact

  • How to communicate their impact and results to a wider external audience.
  • Directly link to assessment process at end of programme.
  • How to provide challenge and broaden thinking as a network of MLs.
  • How to implement their projects using planning tools and online learning provided to consistency drive impact.


Date: Monday 29th June 2020

Venue: St Georges CEP School

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